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How could anyone really hope to gain the respect of the toughest, most professional, most dedicated sons of bitches in the entire ETO?


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Without him, we wouldn’t be alive. Roe was the best medic we ever had. He was born to be a medic. You could always depend on him. You hollered, “Medic!” he was right there come hell or high water, he knew what he was doing. 


i refuse to marry a boy unless he carries his reserve chute through normandy to turn into my wedding dress

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eugene roe

Beauty hurts now. We’re so full of death.



"We’re not heroes. It burns me up how people use the word ‘hero’ today. The heroes are the kids who gave 100 percent; they gave their lives. The heroes are the mothers who gave up a son, who carried him for nine months, and raised him to do right, and he does right, and at eighteen, he goes to fight for his country, and he dies doing right. That’s a hero…Bill and I get furious when we hear it used in the wrong context. We know we’re not heroes. The kids who went to war and never walked back through his mother’s front door, he’s the hero.

Edward ‘Babe’ Heffron (16 May 1923-1 December 2013)

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Easy Company

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Men, it’s been a long war, it’s been a tough war. You’ve fought bravely, proudly for your country. You’re a special group. You’ve found in one another a bond that exists only in combat. Among brothers, you’ve shared foxholes, held each other in dire moments. You’ve seen death and suffered together. I’m proud to have served with each and every one of you. You deserve long and happy lives in peace.’

“He was there when he was needed, and how he got ‘there’ you often wondered. He never received recognition for his bravery, his heroic servicing of the wounded … If any man who struggled in the snow and the cold, in the many attacks through the open and through the woods, ever deserved such a medal, it was our medic, Gene Roe.” 
- Lieutenant Foley (Band of Brothers p. 181)

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Band of Brothers | Part Six - Bastogne

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