Anonymous said: I want to use text in my edits and gifs, but have no idea what are good text combinations. Emma sent me here for some advice. Could you please help me out?

Hmm well it all depends on what you think looks best, i mean it can change with each edit tbh!

I don’t tend to do much fancy typography on my edits, though when i do it just tends to be a case of mixing fancy handwriting/curlier fonts like sunshine in my soulsweetly broken or jellyka with straighter/bolder fonts like optimusprincepsperpetua, or tall dark and handsome etc.

I’d say you should go browse and DL lots of free fonts and play around with them to see which ones you like best, then keep them in mind when you make an edit and try each one to see if they look good!

Hope that was helpful in some way :)

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